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Important Instructions
  • Please provide the required information and attach the relevant documents. If any item is not relevant, please write “Not Applicable”.
  • Vendor shall provide Xerox copies of the following documents duly attested by the Proprietor / Partner / Karta of HUF / Chief Executive / Director of the entity as applicable.
Applicable to all entities
  • a) PAN card of the entity
  • b) Trade License of the entity
  • c) Service Tax Registration certificate (If Applicable)
Additional documents for Companies
  • d) Certificate of Incorporation
  • e) Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • f) List of Directors of the Companies
  • g) PAN card and Voter ID of the Director / Chief Executive of the entity who will be signing this form
Additional documents for Entities other than companies
  • h) PAN card and Voter ID of the Proprietor / Partner / Karta of HUF / Chief Executive of the entity who will be signing this form
  • i) Copy of Partnership Deed (In case of Partnership Firm only)
    • Agent registration forms that are not completed in their entirety, with all relevant documents or which are not duly certified by the authorized person may not be processed.
    • This form should be submitted along with all documents at the following address: Platinum Real Mart LLC,

Rosewood Apartment, Opp. Dhaka Nagar,
Sirsi Road, Jaipur – 302 034, INDIA

Real Estate Marketing Agent Registration Form

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I, ___________________________________________________________________ son of / daughter of _____________________________________________________ being Proprietor / Partner / Karta of HUF / Director / Chief Executive of __________________________________________________ do hereby declare that the Information / Details / Documents / Data submitted above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and in case any of the above information is found to be incorrect at a later date, my registration shall be liable to be cancelled and my any payment shall be withheld by the company and any unprocessed bill shall remain withheld by the company. I further declare that:

1. That post issuance of rate contract; the original bill will be submitted along with Duplicate Copy and copy of the Rate Contract issued along with proof of Completion of Services by way of certificate from the user. IT IS CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD THAT IN ABSENCE OF THESE DOCUMENTS/DETAILS, BILL WILL NOT BE PROCESSED FOR PAYMENT.

2. That wherever Service Tax will be charged, the bifurcation of the taxes will be provided in the invoice.

3. That in case we do not provide certified copy of PAN card, the Company will be deducting TDS @20% or at such rate as may be prescribed under Income Tax Laws of India.

4. That in case we do not provide the required Documents as required under various Statutes, the Company shall be deducting the full amount of Liability which may arise, from the payment to be made to us under respective Invoices.

5. That any change in the constitution of the ownership / address will be communicated to the company within 7 days of such change.

6. That Payment to our company might be withheld if any information furnished above is found to be incorrect on a later date.




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